EGR Adjustment

The EGR system, also known as an exhaust gas recirculation system is a nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions reduction technique used in petrol/gasoline and diesel engines. A portion of an engine’s exhaust gas is recirculated back to the engine cylinders either displacing the amount of combustible matter in the cylinder for gasoline engines or by replacing the excess oxygen in the pre-combustion mixture of diesel engines. This is an area where our Cairns car tuning services can help you immensely.

The ECU controls a valve which allows a certain amount of exhaust gasses to be inserted just behind the throttle valve.

This is an advantage as exhaust gasses don’t contain oxygen anymore and only gasses like nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and small amounts of other oxides, which all don’t take part in the combustion process. Lower combustion chamber temperatures caused by EGR reduce the amount of NOx the combustion generates, unfortunately loss of engine efficiency is a small trade off and one that we can reverse with our Cairns chip tuning products which remove these issues safely.

To meet European emission standards most modern engines now require the manufacturer to include EGR into all new models. In Australia we have the possibility perform EGR adjustments via the ECU and optimize your cars performance depending on your needs, your model and how you as an individual use your car, while still controlling emission output. This can be applicable for Cairns diesel tuning customers as well as the whole range of performance tuning clientele.

Please contact us for more information about EGR adjustments. Our Cairns chip tuning team is more than happy to advise you.