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You can now unlock the true potential of your
car at Mobile Chip Tuning Australia with our class leading remapping

We at Mobile Chip Tuning Australia offer remapping of the ECU  for most manufacturers and the commercial industry sector.

When a manufacturer releases a car it is usually a worldwide release meaning the car needs to be able to survive in areas that have extreme climates and poor quality fuels and other additives. With this in mind most manufacturers dial back a car’s engine to a very conservative level. Yes that’s right….they lower the performance so the engine can survive in very raff conditions and at MCTA we can replace this lost power with our remapping services.

This means that in Australia we have to put up with a lesser car simply because other countries can’t get high quality fuel or oil.

As a simple solution we can provide clients with a bespoke and custom ECU tuning solution (remapping) to your car where you can see gains of up to 30% more power and better fuel economy.When your vehicle ECU is remapped, a number of different files (maps) within the engine control unit are modified.Like…

-Turbo pressure-

-Turbo Threshold

-Fuel Injection

-Rail pressure control

and many more

Added to this, we only work within what we call the ‘safe zone’ when remapping vehicles. Our remaps are designed for everyday driving and long term use, not for the race track. So when you use our remapping services you are assured of long term reliability.

Our maps are customised to your specific needs and we are proud to say  that we only offer quality remapping following safe standards, conforming within the safe limits for the daily driver , ensuring reliability and safe useable power delivery with increased economy depending on your chosen tuning option. Yes, we have a range of different remapping options available for you.

We test our files thoroughly before applying and our clients receive a 2 year guarantee of ecu and software. This means your car tuning will be handled safely and at no additional expense to you down the road.

As the leading performance tuning business in the region we provide quality ECU remapping for over 100 vehicle types and can customise software specific to your needs. You can find details on all of our tuning services, mobile chip tuning partners and remapping software on our website here.

With ECU Remapping we have the possibility to make your car run smoother and more efficient therefore improving performance to the highest level. To get the best out of your car.

Customers are always amazed at how much better their cars behave once we have performed our ECU magic on them and all of the work we do is fully insured and guaranteed.

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