Frequently Asked Questions

1. What vehicles do we cover?

Most vehicles manufactured after 1998 can benefit from this service. Please call to find out if your vehicle is covered.


2. Do I receive warranty on any of your services?

Yes, we guarantee quality service and 2 year warranty on any modifications made to your vehicle.


3. Does removing the DPF mean a car would no longer pass the emissions standards that applied when new?

No. Lower ‘Euro 5’ exhaust emissions standards will be imposed for all new cars in Australia from 2013 – and further tightened to ‘Euro 6’ levels in 2018 but for now it is not mandatory to keep the DPF.


4. Can my car be tuned over the diagnostic port?

Some of the cars can be tuned over the OBD plug. mostly the European cars.How ever this dose not apply to every model.Depends on Year, Engine, and Brand.Please ask one of our technicians.He will give you an answer.


5. Are any of the changes visible to the outside of the car?

Our modifications are not visible to the naked eye, you can how ever measure your cars performance.


6. Does the car get a shorter life after tuning?

The durability of your engine will not be compromised. All  modifications are made within the norms of the manufacturers settings. This tunes are made for the daily driver and not for the race track.


7. Can my car get the original software back?

We will be able to restore the default settings of your vehicle as long as we are able to read and write new tuned software. We keep a copy of your original software.


8. Why isn’t this done by the manufacturer?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, because of the many different fuel grades available around the world and the level of service that is given to a vehicle’s engine during its life. Engine manufacturers needs to warrant engines in countries that have 50+ deg cel ambient air temps in summer, and where the engine doesn’t receive the necessary amount of oil change it should and owners literally drive in an abusive manner. We here in Australia are servicing engines as per the manufacture’s requirements and are usually more mechanically sympathetic towards our motor vehicles. Thus, we can afford not to have our engines factory de-tuned from.
Secondly the manufacture develops engines with that mutch gap for tunes so they don’t have to create every time a whole new engine in the newer models.So we are basically one step in front of them.